Embroidery and Printing

Screen Printing

Perfect for both small or large designs and perhaps the most economical, especially on large print runs. Screen printing places one colour onto the garment after another. Each colour requires an individual screen and each position printed requires different screens. Screen charges are a ‘one off’ as once the artwork and screens have been produced, it is then kept on file for future use.

Transfer Printing:

 Ideal for small runs and the most economical method for names and numbers.


Best suited for small designs as larger designs can be very costly or impractical. Logos are digitised to get the best combination of colours and appearance. Designs that require graduations or very fine detail will not be suitable for exact reproduction. Set up charges are required to create a disc, but as the same as screen printing, this will be a ‘one off’ charge as the disc will be kept for future use. Costs are calculated by the amount of stitches in the design.


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